Thursday, April 13, 2006


We met with those who will be regulars in our neighborhood Bible study and there is a lot of interest so we are excited. We've printed up invitations that will be handed out and begin next Wednesday by showing the Jesus film in Tsonga, one of the local languges. We had planned to start with our discipleship material since we have some new Christians, but have decided instead that we need to start at the very basics as it became clear that they didn't even know how God created the world, or many of the stories many of us learn from a very young age.

We want them to get a grasp on some of the basics the Bible, see God's plan throughout history, and encourage them to start reading through the New Testament for the next few weeks.

Please pray for this group of people, that we can reach out and grow and that many will come to know Christ.

As for other news, Scott and his parents are driving from Victoria Falls to Lusaka, Zambia today. They weren't able to actually see the falls on their way up, but will see it on their way back. They plan to drive the rest of the way to Mongu (Western Zambia) tomorrow and begin their time with the church then. Please pray for a safe trip for them. I know Scott's parents are excited about this opportunity, but that doesn't mean that it won't at times be a challenge. (Like eating cornmeal mush and fish two times a day for a week!)



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