Wednesday, April 12, 2006


It’s hard to believe, but Jayden celebrated his fifth birthday on Monday. We had a number of friends and family come for a braii and everyone had a great time. We’re getting him a hamster, but since there is no pet store in the area, we are getting one from a friend and have to wait five more weeks as it was just born. We took Jayden to visit his new hamster and he was so excited. For now, we have the cage set up, (with water and food) as we wait for the next (and hopefully last) addition to our zoo.

Scott left early this morning with his parents for a twelve day ministry trip to Zambia. Scott will be teaching and working with some of the leaders. They are also planning a few days of sightseeing at Victoria Falls and a great game park in Botswana. Then they will meet Allen and Janelle in Zimbabwe the end of next week for a wedding of one of the church leaders. I’ll be here with the kids, finishing up my next writer’s deadline that’s rapidly approaching and getting them ready for school that starts next Tuesday.

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Have a blessed day!


Watching a Vegie Tale video that Grammy sent.

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