Thursday, April 20, 2006


Scott and his parents are enjoying a day of rest between traveling and teaching. I was able to speak to him briefly last night by phone at his hotel in Botswna, and while he sound very tired, they are all doing well. They were able to take a boat ride along the river, a fantastic way to see the animals. I'm posting a few pictures of our last family trip we took there. The elephant's crossing the river was one of the most incredible sights I've ever seens. Unfortunatly, the waters are at flood stage and the elephans

Allen and Janelle, our coworkers, are headed to meet them near Victoria Falls later today. They will all attend one of the church leaders weddings on Saturday, preach on Sunday and return Monday evening.

Currently, I'm preparing a proposal for a publisher that is requiring a heavy amount of research on the very area they have been in, and I have to say, I'm finding the research some of the most interesting I have ever done.




  1. So glad you got to talk to hubby last night. And the picture of your family is great--you have such a beautiful family!

    TOTALLY loved the pictures of the ellies!! Oh. My. Goodness. How incredible!!!

  2. Love the picture ofyou with the family!! Africa is good for you!!!

  3. Love seeing all the pics, especially of you and your family! S Africa is good for you!!
    love Beth

  4. I loved the picture of your family, Lisa. :) They're all getting so big. (The kids, I mean.) ~~