Monday, April 03, 2006

I think I survived my week of leaky water heaters, flooded kitchens, no electricity, book deadlines, and no water. I'm a bit tired (ok, very tired) but everything seems to be back to normal. For now anyway. LOL

We had a good, but busy weekend. Saturday we prepared for the Passover. Granted, we’re a little bit early, but this was the only time we could schedule it. We invited three other couples to share the evening and it turned out to be such a blessing. After the traditional Passover, we shared communion and had a time of praise that was so meaningful. During the dinner, the fathers blessed each of their children, which was also a very moving experience.

One of the things we did during the meal was share ways that God has blessed us. It was neat to sit there and share a meal with families that have truly become to be like family
to us.

The kids watched a video of Moses and the Israelites leaving Egypt.

Scott blesses Jayden.

Then on Sunday night, we sent Gabriel and Scott off to celebrate Gabriels nineth birthday (a few days late). He took seven of his friends (yes seven!) and went camping up in the mountains. They had a great time. I'll post pictures of their time later in the week.

Tomorrow we are planning to take our long awaited game drive at Kruger. It will be nice to take a day off, but the kids are all coughing, so hopefully they will all feel up to going.



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