Saturday, September 29, 2012

Money to help the Le Roux Family

Reiner Le Roux

I have had a number of people ask me how to contribute to the Le Roux Family in regards to their youngest son Reiner’s recent accident. They have insurance that covers his medical care, but not the life flight or the specialist like the neurosurgeon. There are also personal expenses, as they have to stay in a guest flat across the street from the hospital. The banking information given on Reiner's Face Book page will only work for South Africans.

If you live outside South Africa and would like to send money to help them cover their costs you can either send a check to AOM or pay via Pay Pal.

For checks, mark ‘Le Roux Mission’ and send to:

African Outreach Ministries
PO Box 999
Fresno, Texas 77545

Or make a donation online here on the AOM Pay Pal account. If you chooses to send money this way PLEASE also send an email to Scott (click on his name) telling him you have donated so he can earmark the funds and ensure that those funds will go directly to help the family. 

UPDATE ON REINER: Over the past few days there have been a lot of ups and downs in Reiner’s condition. Currently, the situation is still extremely critical. He had surgery to relieve the pressure on the brain Thursday night, but the pressure and oxygen to the brain continue to be an issue. For now, they are trying to keep him stable and are waiting for his body to start taking over again. Please continue praying for this family during this very difficult time.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Prayer for Teammate's Son

On Monday night, our teammate's son, Reiner, fell and hit his head. Because of the lack of medical care were we live, and the fact that we couldn't get a medi-flight to land here at night, his parents ended up driving him to the capital with him. We praise God that Mandy, who is a nurse and is working with our team, was able to be with him on the trip and take care of him. Scott followed behind with their other children. 
Arrangements were made for a medi-flight to meet Reiner and his mother at the Maputo airport where he was life-flighted to South Africa. As of today (Wednesday) he is sedated, but the doctors have finally been able to stablize him and are pleased with his condition. Please pray for Reiner, his family, and our team during this difficult time.


Monday, September 24, 2012

All church get together

A couple of the sweet kids from Magola.
I thought you might enjoy some highlights of our recent all church get together in Magola. It turned out to be such a blessing despite the cold and rainy weather that thankfully held off for most of our service.  Afterward lunch, prepared by the women, we dedicated the water well to the community. It's so exciting to see the church have an impact on the community for good.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Water Well Dedication

Last Sunday, we enjoyed all of our churches getting together for worship in Magola. Despite the cold and rainy weather, we had well over a hundred people come. I'll post a short video of this in a few days, but in the meantime, we also gave the well recently dug to the community and had a short dedication ceremony. I was touched again at how having water nearby will change these people's lives.

Be blessed,


Sunday, September 09, 2012

Water in Magola!

Imagine having to walk a mile and a half to get your water because you didn't have a well in your village. Everything you need water for, cooking, cleaning, and bathing, has to be carried on your head.

We are so excited that the village of Magola now has water! A big thanks to the Fellowship at Cinco Ranch who funded this project. Watch the video below for some highlights.

Magola well 2 from Lisa Harris on Vimeo.

Here is a photo of the twins we have been providing with formula. They are crawling now and into everything!

The structure for the church is almost done in Magola as well. We will have big worship service next Sunday with all of our churches coming to Magola. In the afternoon, we will dedicate the well and officially give it to the village.

HOMES FOR THE HOMELESS: We are getting ready to build some more house for the elderly who either don't have a house or whose houses are falling down. You can find more about how you can help here.

Have a blessed week!


Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Homes for the Homeless

Late last year, through The ECHO Project, we put out a request for help for some of the elderly who were in need of a place to live. The response we received was overwhelming, and we were able to build four small houses. Mel and Mandy have recently come to work with us, and one of their heart's desires is to help the poorest of the poor.

Once again, we would like to partner with them to provide homes for several elderly who are in desperate need for a place to live. Two are living under trees and a third one is living in a hut that is falling down. One house costs approximately $200 to build, and through The ECHO Project we would like to fund three new houses.

If you are able to contribute toward the building of a house or sponsor one (or more) entirely, donations can be sent via check or through Pay Pal here. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

To learn more about what God is doing through the ECHO Project, please visit our website. All money raised for The ECHO Project goes directly to help those in need.


Safari Highlights

Between dropping off our eldest in South Africa to return to school, car maintenance, and other errands, we stopped off by Kruger on the way home for two days of rest after our very busy 'winter' and had some of the most amazing sightings we've ever had. Here are some of the highlights.