Monday, April 10, 2006


They delivered Scott’s parents’ suitcases yesterday morning at seven in the morning (we couldn’t believe it), so they were thrilled to have clean clothes for church yesterday and I was thrilled to have the books I ordered. We had a great lunch with family. Scott’s parents as well as Janelle and Allen’s daughter and her family. We had a braii (BBQ) and just enjoyed being together.

We also have a new addition to our family. Harley is a two year old dog whose owners are missionaries moving soon to Ethiopia. They can’t keep the dog and since our kids have known Harley since we arrived in Joburg. . .well. . .we’ve got another family member. It’s beginning to feel like a zoo around here, but as you can see, Jayden couldn't be happier!

As for my latest faux pas, I did a very good job at embarrassing myself this week. I love cooking and trying new dishes from other countries. Recently, we were invited to some friends’ house for dinner and had these terrific toasted sandwiches on the grill with cheese, tomatoes, and South African chutney. I decided they would be perfect to serve at Jayden’s birthday party. I mentioned them to a couple people who were visiting and how much I liked them. I used the Afrikaans word (or so I thought) and it took them a while to figure out what I was talking about.

Now I know why.

Instead of saying toasted cheese sandwiches, I was saying toasted panties!

Needless to say, everyone got a huge laugh over it today when I was finally told what I’ve been saying all this time.



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  1. Good one, Lisa!! You[ll have to figure out how to put that in one of your books. ROFL