Wednesday, April 05, 2006


We had a great time at the game park, this time avoiding a flat tire and any charging elephants, things that, yes, we have experienced before on other trips. The most exiting part was stepping out briefly at a viewing spot to see a hippo down in the water. Behind us the kids started screaming “Baboon! Baboon!”

I turned around and two small monkeys were jumping into the truck. They ran off quickly at all the yelling, but the kids got a kick out of their Curious George antics.

We also had a huge female elephant walk past our truck. It was moving down the paved tarmac, unconcerned about the cars that had pulled over to let her pass.

Altogether it wasn’t the best day we’ve ever had for game viewing, but we saw a number of giraffe, buffalo, hippo (one of them was the biggest I’ve ever seen), crocodile, a snake, wart hog, elephant, buck, zebra, baboons, monkeys, wildebeest, and some gorgeous birds.

Tonight we are starting our first cell group aimed to reach the maids and gardeners in the area. This seems to be a large part of the population who are not being reached for Christ. Please keep this Bible study in your prayers.


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  1. Lisa,

    What an exciting time!!! It's amazing to think about the memories you're creating and wonderful fodder for stories:) I'll be keeping your Bible Study in my prayers ----May God's blessings abound!!