Monday, April 17, 2006

DAY SIX. . .

I spent about an hour trying to get through to Scott in Zambia and finally was able to speak to him briefly. We found out that most of our text messages weren’t going through, so it was nice to communicate even though the echo was horrid on my end. The good news is that they are really having a good trip. The past three days were spent wiht the Christians, teaching and encouraging them. Today will focus more on some administration issues that have to be dealt with. Scott continued his extensive teaching on church planting, training that leadership that the goal for the church is to continue to birth other churches.

His parents are doing well and are enjoying the trip. Thankfully, there hasn’t been any problems at all. They did almost miss exchanging money as they entered Zimbabwe (every country has a different currency) but managed to arrive at the exchange place three minutes before five.

After working with some of the leaders today, they will make the trip back to Lusaka. Scott will be showing his parents Victoria Falls and taking them on a game drive in Botswana before

meeting Allen and Janelle in Zimbabwe for the weekend for a wedding and more preaching.



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  1. Glad everyone's safe, and y'all are communicating again.

    Did that picture at the bottom really say TITANIC BARBER SHOP & HAIR SALON? How funny!!