Saturday, April 08, 2006


Scott's parents arrived with no luggage AND a day late so as you can imagine, they're a bit worn out. The airline is supposed to deliver the luggage tomorrow, which I'm really hoping they do, because most of the stuff is mine. Books, Ranch salad dressing, books, make up, books. . .oh, and a few more book. Anyway, they will be about seven weeks, and we're so excited they are here.

When we went to pick them up at the airport, we also spent some time with some good misisonary friends who are moving to Ethiopia. We brought their dog home since they can’t take it with them. It was very emotional for them to leave him as he is their baby. Our kids are thrilled to have him here. We already have two German shepard guard dogs, and a cat to catch the mice. Harley is an inside dog, but at least he’s very well behaved. We are getting a hamster for Jayden’s birthday and are turning into a zoo here!

The Bible study went great on Wednesday, We had four people come and we are really excited. We will be starting very basic, with an over view of the Bible and study of some of the main characters and stories. Basically, how the Bible fits together. Then we will move into some deeper discipleship material. We will be handing out invitations, so please pray that this will grow and reach out to the neighborhood.

I interviewed Scott about his recent trip to Mozambique and will be posting that as well as some picture in the next couple of days. A lot of exciting things happening there.

This is a cool picture of our kids and a baobab tree at the Namibia/Botswana boarder. I find it amazing how huge they are!



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