Monday, July 20, 2015

TucTuc Taxi!

As many of you know, the ECHO Project was started to help address some of the many needs we encounter around us everyday here in Africa. ECHO stands for Education, Compassion, Hope, and Opportunity. While most of the monthly ongoing help the ECHO project provides is in the way of medical, housing, schooling, and food assistance, occasionally there is an opportunity for us to help with a business loan that will provide continuing support of a family.

Alex is one of the young men the ECHO Project has been able to help in the past. He started by supporting himself by making bracelets and earrings. He was faithful in his work and used the money to put himself through driving school so he could get a better job. He then found work driving a Tuc Tuc taxi in our town, but often had to work seven days a week. He recently approached us for a long so he could be able to work for himself, as well as teach in the village, and go to church.

This is a photo of Alex and his new Tuc Tuc! Please pray for him and the success of his new business.


Sunday, July 12, 2015


It's a word we use a lot here. Adventura or adventure. Because I can honestly say that life is never dull. The past few months have been particularly busy with lots of changes.


The first big change is that our oldest son is graduating from high school next week! The missionary school where he has been attending ends a bit later than traditional schools in the US, but it's still hard to believe that he just has a few more days. We are so proud of him and excited as he will be starting University in the fall back in the US.

 Another change is that as a family we will be spending the rest of the year in the US so we can be closer to our son as he adjusts to university and life in the states for the first time since he was six. We will also use this time to report to churches, raise some additional support, and hopefully find some time to rest before returning to Africa in January.

The last change is that the house we began building three and a half years ago is almost finished. There has been delay upon delay and more stress than we ever want to experience again, but the majority of the work will be done before we leave which means we will be able to move in!

 Change and a bit of adventure is a part of a missionary's life it seems. We really do find ourselves often saying that it's just a big adventura with both the good and the frustrating. And knowing that nothing on this earth will last forever anyway, that's okay! 

Be blessed today!


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