Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Scott and his parents left Mongu yesterday for Lusaka (the capital of Zambia) where they ate Chinese food and spent the night. Here’s what Farrel had to say in her text message about Mongu.

“Over all we are doing well. The food has been good. We were very impressed with sister Grace and Martin and their kids and hospitality. Impressed with the worship Friday and Sunday as well. However being in Mongu, I always have sand between my toes.”
Sand is right! You have to use four wheel drive just to get around the town because of the sand.

Crossing boarders often means crossing the river on a barge. Here's me with th kids crossing into Zambia. They made this same crossing today.

This weekend they will be in Zimbabwe for preaching and an African wedding, but the next couple days they will go see Victoria Falls and spend time in one of Botswana’s game parks.

The kids and I are doing fine, though it’s been one of those days. Jumped in the car this morning to take Gabriel to his ride for school (it’s their first day back after the first break holiday) and discovered that my phone had lost almost ten minutes when the battery went dead recently. This means that Gabriel missed his ride and I had to drive him to Tzaneen about 20 minutes away, flying past every taxi and truck the whole way. Which in turn meant that Jayden and Mariah were late for school. Thankfully, Gabriel made it to school on time, and it wasn’t a problem for the little ones to be late. So, besides that, throwing my car keys away at the super market and forgetting that Gabriel gets out early the first week back at school (does it help to say that he’s new there, and I’m learning the ropes?) we’re doing great!

And by the way, we found the car keys!



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