Saturday, July 01, 2017

Happy Release Day!

Destination. . .Italy!

I have absolutely loved the chance to write romantic suspense novels for Love Inspired Suspense, all set in international locations. So far, I've been able to write stories set in South Africa, Paris, islands off West Africa, the Sahara, and today, Fatal Cover-Up, set in Italy, officially releases today.

One of things I loved about writing this story was that I was able to do research in Italy. (Yes, I LOVE research!) Two years ago, on our way back to the US, our family stopped in Italy and visited Rome, Pisa, and Venice as part of my research for the book. Here's the set up for the story that's set primarily in Rome, Florence, and Venice.

Talia Morello moved to Rome for a fresh start—but instead finds herself at the center of a deadly art smuggling ring with everything to lose, including her life. Someone's dead set on retrieving three priceless paintings believed to have been stolen by Talia's late husband. And when his unsolved murder is linked to the bullet that killed FBI agent Joe Bryant's brother during a museum heist, Joe is determined to find out all of Talia's secrets. When she denies any involvement, Joe's gut and heart tell him to trust her. But with the target on Talia's back only growing, there may not be time to uncover the whole truth and save the woman he's falling for…

I've been going through our photos from the trip and thought I would like share some of my favorites with you. And BTW, if you enjoy the international suspense, watch for my next book with LIS will be set in Amsterdam and releases in January, and I'm currently working on Brazil. . .Rio and the Amazon!




Happy reading!!