Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Quick Update

Life's been hectic here. So hectic, in fact, that I haven't had a chance to even turn on my computer since last week. In the mist of packing, we had to drive four hours to Joburg this past weekend to meet with our South African board for our AGM, a requirement by the SA government. Not the best timing with us having to be out of our house this tomorrow, but we enjoyed our time with the board who are all close friends.

While there, we enjoyed staying with some other friends we met when we first arrived here. Gabriel and their son Jesse, were best friends in first and second grade and we've kept in touch since moving away.

It seems there's been lots of goodbyes lately, including one of the former members of the cell group we led while in Joburg who died suddenly. We were able to attend the funeral and visit with her family. Scott then preached on Sunday before we hurried home to continue packing.

The past two days have been spent doing more packing and moving boxes and furniture to storage while we are in Brazil. The photo below doesn't do it justice, but our driveway is very steep, adding a bit of difficulty to moving. The truck had to park on the street while furniture and boxes were carried up, or transported in the back of our truck. God has blessed us with so many people who have helped out with moving trucks, trailers, meals, and muscles!

With one day left until we have to move out, we'll be up early tomorrow to finish clearing out the house. Scott's uncle wisely told us to wait a week to leave for Brazil after moving out, and now we are so thankful. This will give us time to pack for Brazil and finish up all the last minute details!

Thanks so much for your prayers and emails! They mean so much.



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  1. I am praying for you guys!! So excited. :-D Hugs, girl!