Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Orphan Relief Praise!

What an exciting journey it's been to see how God cares so deeply for His children! Many of you have been a part of the effort to take food to our orphans in Zimbabwe through both prayers and financial support. The response, in fact, was so overwhelming, that we now have enough money to supply food for them through most of next year. Already, they have received 7 tons of maize, and we are getting ready to send high nutrient food packets that can be prepared as a soup. These packages have been specifically manufactured for food shortage situations.

Last week, God put us in touch with a group who has a permit to take food into the country. This is a huge blessing, because without this permit there was always the chance that the government would confiscate any food we took in. They will be taking the food up later this week. Last night, several of our friends came to help pack boxes with the food to get it ready for transport.

Please continue praying for these sweet children we will be taking the food to, as well as the thousands more who are also in desperate need of food.

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  1. Lisa, what a beautiful thing that your children are a part of--that just really blesses me. I am praying this food makes it quickly and safely to the children in need.