Thursday, October 18, 2007

Azaleas and Jacaranda trees

Carol asked if the Jacaranda trees had a scent, and I'm pretty sure they don't, though I read that the wood does have a pleasant scent. Either way, they are gorgous! I'm posting some more photos of the Azaleas near our house that Janelle took. They really are stunning.

We are making progress packing up the house, though just found out that the weight limit for our luggage into Brazil is only 40 pounds per person. Yikes! Their school books weigh half of that.

Other good news is that Jayden is pretty much back to normal, and none of the other kids have come down with any of the symptem. I'll also be sharing some good news in a couple days about our orphans in Zimbabwe.

Thanks for the encouragment and enjoy the photos!


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  1. Those blooms are stunning! Radically different from my drizzly Minnesota fall landscape.