Sunday, October 14, 2007


It's official! Our house in Dallas closed on Friday! Our deepest thanks to those who have prayed for this difficult situation the past few months!

For those of you who haven't heard the 'rest of the story' we first tried selling this house seven years ago, but never had a single bite. At this time, we were planning to move to Japan to work with a church planting group, but the house ended up one of many doors God shut firmly.

Two years later, when we felt God calling us to move to Africa, we still hadn't sold it, but God sent us some renters at the last minute to cover the mortgage. But living halfway around the world while managing a rental house finally became too difficult, so last year we put it up for sale again. After two broken contracts, we are so thankful that the third time worked out and the house is now out of our hands.

Enjoy the photos of the Jacaranda trees! Spring has arrived in South Africa and these beautiful purple flowers dot the hillsides!




  1. Those trees are beautiful, and such a lovely reminder that though we may go through a season of winter in wondering what God has in store for us, the spring always comes.

  2. Praising God with you!!! Hallelujah!!
    I know that is such a relief.

    I suppose "seven" years seems to be the right number. LOL


  3. Those trees are georgeous, do they smell good too?