Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Greener Grass

Have you ever noticed that the silly saying, “the grass is always greener on the other side” seems. . .how can I put this? True.

Yesterday was one of those horrible, no good, very bad days, I think I’ll move to Australia. Oh, wait a minute. I am moving. To Brazil.

OK. It’s not at all that I don’t want to move halfway around the world with three kids in tow, to a country where I don’t speak a single word of the language. Because I do. Really, I do. Most days anyway.

So back to the greener grass. The truth is, I have friends in America, South Africa, and in other parts of the world and the real truth is that we all have struggles. It really doesn’t matter where we live. At some point, the toilet will stop up, the hot water heater will leak, and one too many bills will find its way into our mailbox.

So I work to be content where I am by looking for things I can rejoice in.

1 The Brazilian embassy gave us a FIVE year, multiple entry. (We were hoping for three months and having to leave the country and reentering.)

2 We have a contact who has a government permit to take food across the boarder into Zimbabwe and has agreed to transport the food for us, ensuring it won’t be confiscated

3 We sold our house in Dallas!

4 I’ve survived the first week of home schooling.

5 The jacaranda trees are in full bloom.

Paul said we might be pushed hard from all sides, but we aren’t beaten down. We are bewildered, but we don’t lose hope. We suffer and are knocked down, but we don’t give up. Why? Because God raised the Lord Jesus from the dead, and he will raise us up with Jesus. Our troubles are small and they last for a short time. We are earning a glory that will last forever.

Isn’t that awesome!

So, I won’t even mention the fact that we still haven’t found a mover, or a place for our dog and cat, or that I still have no internet, or that Jayden has the mumps. . .

Because I’m hanging onto His promises. And yeah, I’m still smiling.

Be blessed today!


Photo taken by Janelle at Cherio Garden near our house

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  1. Praying that God will put a little dollop of grace on your day!

    Isaiah 41:10