Thursday, October 25, 2007

Making a list and checking it twice

We're down to the final countdown, with only a handful of days until we have to be out of our house, one week from today. I declared it a school holiday, as it's impossible to do serious packing and monitor schoolwork at the same time. The kids didn't mind at all even though it rained all day. A perfect day, really, for packing.

The school we will be attending in Brazil has been wonderful. They even offered to pick up a few groceries so we'd have something to eat the morning after we arrived. That had been one of my late night additions to my list: Buy something portable that can be taken on the plane so my kids aren't hungry before I can find the nearest store and manage to buy something in a language I can't speak or read. Something else crossed off my list!

It's something to remember. God really does care about every little thing in your life that's happening right now!

Our house is looking very empty. Boxes line the front of the house, the kids are all sleeping in one room on mattresses, and the last room to pack is the kitchen.

These photos are of the view across our back yard. Even in the drizzling rain it's beautiful. I'm definitely going to miss this part of living here.



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