Friday, October 12, 2007

Home again!

After a very, very long flight, I arrived back in Africa Sunday night, only to hit the ground running on Monday. We stayed in Joburg one night so we could finish everything for our Brazilian visas. This included passport photos, yellow fever shots, picking up our police reports, and finishing all the requested paperwork.

Back home, the rains have brought no internet and power outages, which is why I haven’t been able to blog or email the past week. I’ve tried twice now to go to the nearest town and work on line, but both times the power was out! This morning, they finally got our internet up and running. . .for about thirty minutes. So much for keeping up with things. It’s back on again this afternoon, but for how long is anyone’s guess.

Still, it’s probably a good thing that I’m not able to check email throughout the day, because for the next couple weeks, my days will be filled with home schooling (check out the photo with our news desks, thanks to a sweet friend!) in the mornings, packing in the afternoons, and writing to meet my deadlines at night. Thankfully, I’m loving my latest book, so writing has been a nice distraction. Still, the new owners of our house have requested to move in on November 1st, which doesn’t give us a lot of time to finish the hundreds of little details that have to be done between then and now, but with our flight leaving November 8th for Brazil, we need to be out of here soon.

So despite jet lag, I filled up on some caffeine-loaded coffee Wednesday morning (something I never do) and jumped into things full force. The kids could hardly wait to start school, something I’m grateful for, though I realize it won’t be true everyday. Even I’m excited, though. Our home schooling books arrived while I was in the states, making the whole transition seem more real.

Please keep praying for us during this huge transition. Sometimes it is a bit overwhelming, but I’m trying to focus on one day at a time. In the middle of everything, Bia and Gustavo, our co-workers in Mozambique, will be coming in this weekend for a few days along with three Americans. Scott will be driving up to Zimbabwe next week to leave food for our orphans with other drivers who have agreed to take in more food when needed while we are gone.

We still need a place to store our things while we are in Brazil and a reasonably priced mover to move us into Mozambique. Our Dallas house is supposed to close today, praise God!!!! Please pray that everything goes through.

So, what can I say? One day at a time.



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  1. I love the new homeschool desks. What a great picture. I homeschool my two, and we love when the new books arrive. I'll be praying for a quick and easy move for you to Brazil, and a smoothing over of the million details any move requires, much less one from a foreign country to another one!