Monday, March 13, 2006

We had to postpone our game drive into Kruger on Saturday. There was just too much to get done before Scott left for Mozambique last night. Instead we took the kids to eat at MacDonalds (No, I didn’t spell it wrong, this is not your American fast food restaurant J). They have a big jungle gym there and the kids had a great time playing. Then we walked across the Tzaneen Dam. It was hot, but beautiful as you can see for miles in every direction. It was fun just spending some time together as a family.

I’ve been thinking a lot about purification and working to allow God to cleanse my heart. I want to be totally in line with God and His word. I think we often forget that we are called to be different. That we as Christians have been called out of the world to live as lights for Christ. But the lines are being drawn and we have to make a choice as to which side we’re going to stand on. We’re in a battle and we have to be prepared.

The area we live in here in South Africa is a place very dark place spiritually. There is a rain queen who rules over this area, leading many to live in darkness. Jesus Christ alone, though, is Lord, and we long for Him to be the Lord over all the people in this area.

While Scott spends a lot of time traveling and discipling people to be strong in the word of God and to become strong leaders in the church, we also have a heart for the surrounding area where we live. A lot of prayer is going into a work that will begin soon on the farms in the area, a huge area where people need to know God. We are also starting a cell group in our neighborhood that will begin in the next week or to. Right now we are inviting people. This group will target primarily the gardeners and maids that live and work in the area. For those of you who read this blog regularly, please pray that God will work mightily in our neighborhood and bring many to Him as we strive to help lead them to Christ and disciple them further in Christ’s teachings. Here are a couple pictures of David and Emily, new Christians who we are working with and who will be apart of this new Bible study. They work for us and have become a part of our family in many ways. Now we want to equip them further as they have a heart for sharing God’s word with their friends.



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