Thursday, March 02, 2006


I have to say we are very blessed to live in Africa and have wireless internet that actually costs us less than regular dial up. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without a few quirks. For instance, right now, I can receive mails, but can’t send them. Hopefully it will be fixed soon as I wanted to respond to some of the comments that have been left recently.

Had an interesting phenomenon here the other night. I kept seeing weird shadows on the lights outside and opened the door to see what it was. Much to my surprise there were hundreds of butterflies flying around the lights. Now we always have moths flying around at night of every shape and size. They nose dive into your hair and are basically annoying. Once dusk hits, we run around closing all the windows and doors not from the fear of a break in, but from the insects. I suppose it’s the rain this time of year that brings them on in full force. The picture of the butterflies in the rafters really doesn’t show you just how many there were, but the instant I opened the door and stepped outside to take a picture, I had to jump back inside, because they were literally everywhere!

I’ve included a couple pictures of the butterflies as well as a photo of our oldest with his second place trophy for his last relay race. Go Gabe!



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