Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Into Inhambane. . .

Scott, Allen and Janelle have arrived in the hot city of Inhambane, Mozambique. They had to cross the water on a water taxi a couple of times, and Scott even got to try his hands at the control of the small plane they were taken in on. The plane was flown by a mission aviation pilot, in order to get to the remote places they will be visiting.

During this time they will be looking at two unreached tribes with prayers that God will direct them as to which group He is calling us to target for a church planting movement.

They have a number of people they will be connecting with, though we are all praying that there is fuel. The truck that normally delievers the fuel to where they are going is broken down, so this of course will determine their actual scedule. Life is never dull.

Please pray for their safe journey! And that God will guide them to the people He wants them to see.


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