Thursday, March 16, 2006


While I am in the midst of writing a cozy mystery for my publisher, Max's disappearance has nothing to do with my latest deadline. Max is our five month old kitten, dedicated to ridding our house of mice and other pesky rodents. . .Until he disappeared two days ago.

I have to say, that despite the fact that I hate him sleeping in our bed (no matter how many times I toss him to the floor or lock him in the scullery he always manages to find a way back), he is a sweet cat. If you sit down to read or watch TV, Max will be right there, curled up in your lap, purring away. He loves to play, loves the kids, and even loves our two huge German Shepherds. So needless to say, we were all quite distraught we hadn’t seen Max for 24 hours.

I tried to prepare the kids for the worst as we had our nightly devotional. Granted, most cats are independent and like to go off on there own. But Max is different. He’s almost like a forth child. Very social, and always in the middle of everything. I was worried. Not only do we have monkeys in our trees, cars zoom down the winding road above our house without a second thought.

The kids took turns praying for Max before going to bed. They were sad, but seemed to understand the reality that sometimes things happen and animals die.

As I was tucking in Jayden, I heard a noise. Max? I heard another, louder cry. It was Max, but where was he? You have to understand that Max likes to sleep in weird places. Inside baskets, under beds, even inside my closet. Apparently this time, though, he’d chosen the wrong place to sleep.

I opened up the bottom drawer of Jayden’s dresser. . .and there was Max.

“Jesus sent him back to us!” Jayden yelled with joy as he grabbed Max.

Yes, he had. Praise God for unexpected blessings. . .like finding Max.


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