Friday, February 10, 2006


Well the rain keeps coming. . .and coming. The good thing is the rain keeps the weather cool which is nice in the middle of summer when our days can be excruciatingly hot. Even our pool, a blessing year round here, is about to overflow. For an area that has been hit with heavy drought the past few years, this is wonderful! Everything is green and beautiful from the amount of rains, something we enjoy so much.

Last night Scott went to a local missions meeting with a church who is wanting to start evangelizing to the local farm workers. There is a huge population of unreached people on these farms. Scott will be working with them to strategize as well as training up teams to not only do the initial evangelistic push, but intense follow up as well. This morning, he leaves for Gyani to teach for two days as he continues his discipleship training.

I’ll keep it short today, as my schedule is full (as always it seems) with kids and writing.



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  1. My prayers for his safe travels and your peace and strength during his absence.

    Rain, huh? we're getting a bit of a drizzle here, too. Glad it's cooling things off for ya!