Wednesday, February 01, 2006


We all see things though different eyes depending on where we live, who we know, or our life experiences. I thought about this today when I ran by the grocery story and found a large bin filled with plastic sacks. Wondering what they were, I pulled out one of the bags and discovered I was holding a sac of dried moponi worms. Yes, these are sun dried caterpillars ready to eat! They are even testing the market with Barbecue- and chutney-flavored mopani worm snacks.

Ok, as much I could never eat one of these, it did strike me that here was something that many southern Africans sees as a traditional part of their diet, yet I would try to avoid them at all cost. (That and a few other things I’m sure.) What amazes me is that despite our difference, God loves us all! What a wonderful thought.

On a different subject, Ronie has won a copy of Rebecca’s Heart from my end of January contest. Congratulations, Ronie! Be sure and stop by often for more chances to win a free book.



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