Saturday, February 11, 2006


It’s been a bit of a rough week. As you can see, I haven’t posted much at all and when I did I couldn’t get pictures to go through. We made the difficult decision this week to move Gabriel to another school. While we have been extremely impressed with the staff at his current school, there were other issues involved that finally convinced us that moving him to another school would help. So while we hate to have to move him, he will start his new school on Monday. He’s really excited about this new opportunity and is literally counting down the hours until school starts, so we believe that’s a good sign. He already has a number of friends there and they have a great educational program and are strong in sports, something he excels in.

So last night, Scott was teaching about an hour away and while I should have been writing, I was tired and decided to watch TV, something I rarely do these days. The only show I’ve followed the past ten years has been JAG and while I was sad to hear that the show was being cancelled, I really wanted to see the last episode. Things run a bit behind in South Africa, (ok, way behind) and they started showing the last season sometime last fall. Most of it I missed because we were back in the states. I still hoped to see the last episode, but we’ve had a number of things going on Friday nights, so I told myself it wasn’t important and assumed that somewhere along the line I must have missed the ending.

Now, admittedly, a TV show isn’t important in the scope of life, but when you’ve had a rough week and are missing family and On the Border’s fajitas, it’s nice to catch a bit of something from home. Well, last night, as I thumbed through the guide, guess what was showing. The last episode of JAG. It was amazing how a bit of something from home could make me smile after a long and tiring week. God does care about the little things!

The pictures I’ve posted are of Gabe’s first place relay team! Well done Gabe. Mariah’s birthday party. (She and her friends had a blast decorating the cake), and Jayden and Mariah with a couple of friends.



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