Tuesday, February 21, 2006


We’re home again after a quick, but good trip to Johannesburg. We left Saturday after Gabriel’s track meet where he ran the relay for his new school. They came in second, losing only to his
old school. He did a great job for his team!

We enjoyed spending time with several friends this weekend over lunch and dinner. Scott preached on Sunday, a very powerful sermon on being a radical Christian. Meaning that being a Christian means that our faith needs to impact every aspect of our lives. It was even a challenge to me.

We returned Monday, but Jayden came down with the flu. Not fun to travel almost five hours with a sick kid, but since I had a doctor’s appointment before we left, we took him in as well and he received a shot for nausea that helped. He seems to have bounced back quickly and is fine tonight.

This week was also the start of monthly Bible classes that will be taught in Tzaneen. Scott was excited to have 18 show up last night for the first class. They will meet the third week of every month for five nights. The classes they teach are to deepen Bible knowledge, so we’re excited for this opportunity.

I took some pictures of our drive this weekend and will post them later this week. Today, I’m adding some interesting photos of some of the plants around our house. I always find them interesting as well as beautiful because what we have here are so different than anything in the states.



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  1. Hi Lisa,
    We will be visiting South Africa at the end of March. I am really nervous to make the long flight but I am sure I will be ok once I get there. Is it safe to rent cars there? We plan to do quite a bit of driving around. My Mom was South African, the last time I was there I was ten, so I don't remember too much.