Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Someone asks us the other day what exactly it is that we do here in South Africa, and I thought this might be a great blog topic. African Outreach Ministries (AOM) has always had a threefold purpose.

1. Establishing fellowships of Bible believing churches

2. Leadership training

3. AIDS orphan assistance.

In order to keep it short, I’ll break it up into several days and start with the first one. I’ve been really excited to watch Scott’s passion on not only establishing fellowships of churches like we have been throughout Zambia, Zimbabwe, and now into Malawi, Mozambique, but his dream of a church planting movement among the people we work with. He’s been doing a lot of research, reading, talking with people, as well as first hand work among our churches. Healthy churches reproduce, and the leaders we work with are starting to catch this vision. We’re working to train leaders to look beyond themselves and multiply. This requires Biblically solid and frequent training of these leaders.

Already, Scott has been asked to speak locally to a church this weekend that has the same goal--to reach out and start planting churches to help give them direction. Using tools like the Jesus film, cell groups, and discipleship training classes to ensure that each member is solidly grounded in Christ, each member of the church needs to catch this vision and let it spread.

Scott and I have been reading together David Garrison’s book on how God is redeeming a lost world called Church Planting Movements. What I’ve read between the pages of church movements spreading rapidly through places like Latin America and the Muslim world have brought me to tears. God is doing extraordinary things in our day.

May God enlarge all of our visions to serve Him!


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