Tuesday, January 31, 2006


It’s been a hectic weekend with Mariah’s birthday party, Gabriel’s track meet (he got a first place trophy! Yeah!!), plus a deadline for a book. Something struck me this weekend as we sat in the bleachers at Gabriel’s track meet. The meet was held at a government school about forty-five minutes from our house. Even though this was a government school, they opened the day with a scripture, a short devotional and a prayer. I commented to the principal how wonderful this was. He told me just to wait, because it would change. South Africa is about twenty years behind the states in things like this. Abortions are now here, and it won’t belong until they follow suite and forbid prayer in school. I find it frightening when I see what we are sending around the world.

On the positive side, something exciting happened this past week. Our three kids attend a local Christian school, the King's Court, that caters mainly to rural African kids. The leaders of the school see it as a ministry and keep their cost low so as many kids from the surrounding villages as possible can attend and receive a Christian education. In an area seeped in traditional religion, this is so important.

The school is wanting to start a reading room full of Christian (and clean secular) fiction books for their primary and high school. This will not only help their English improve, but also encourage them spiritually as well. But books extremely expensive here, and the school is on a very tight budget. I put out the word on a writers group I’m a part of and was blown away by the response! A couple dozen Christian authors are donating books for the reading center! We have a central place in Houston set up to collect the book and we’ll have them sent over with teams, or individuals who come over to see us. I’m so excited to see some of the good stuff coming over as well!

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