Tuesday, January 17, 2006


New for today. . . I've managed to put a clock on my blog so everyone can see what time it is where we are! We're moving into the hottest month of the year with lots of alternating rain and sunshine. The landscape is beautiful as the rains have made everything green and lush. I'm enjoying the flowers, palms, and tropical feel of the mountainous area. We're also enjoying mangos, avocados, pinapple, grapes, and litchi. A litchi is a small round fruit. If you peal the outer reddish layer you end up with a whitish (slimy) fruit that the kids love. (Can you tell I don't?)

As for the free book drawing. . .Rebecca's Heart will be released in a few weeks, and I'm really excited about this story. From today until February first, everyone who signs my guestbook will have a chance to win a free copy of the historical novel. I'll have the drawing on the last day of the month and give away one free copy. This is book two in my Massachusetts series and follows Michaela's Choice. So, sign up now for the chance to win a free copy!

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