Thursday, January 26, 2006


It’s hard to believe that my middle ‘baby’ turns seven today. We celebrated today by taking cupcakes to school for all her friends and teachers. Tomorrow she’s having two friends over for a slumber party and she’s quite excited. This morning, though, she was frustrated about something and decided she’d rather be five. Five year olds, of course, don’t have near as much responsibility as a seven year old in first grade!

We had another very hot day. We went to another little friends birthday party today after school and I was talking to one of the older women about the weather and how I was sure I’d adjust to the heat after a couple of years. She laughed and asked me why in the world I would think that? She’s lived here thirty years and hasn’t adjusted to the heat!

I think what I hate most about the heat is the bugs. Our house is full of moths, flies, long centipedes, flying ants, and dozens of other unidentifiable things. As long as the snakes stay out of our house. . .

What’s been on my mind lately? “God can deliver us by transforming a situation, but more often he delivers by giving us the strength to endure the situation. That way, others are transformed as well as ourselves.” From Open Doors Newsbrief, August 2005



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  1. UGH! I soo don't think I could adjust to the heat there. I've been in TExas 25 years, and I still don't like the heat.

    Happy birthday to your kiddo!!