Tuesday, January 10, 2006

There’s nothing like a bit of excitement. . .

Last Monday was a rather dull day. Besides the fact that my youngest decided to give the cat a haircut, it was relatively quiet. All that changed at three o’clock in the morning. The province we live in is experiencing a major drought, and we’ve all been praying that the normal heavy rains would come. That’s one reason why Scott’s been working to repair the leaks in our roof before leaving on his ministry trip this week, but I knew there were at least two leaks that hadn’t been fixed.

The storm hit hard in the middle of the night, waking me and the kids with white streaks of lightening and ear-piercing thunder. I hurried around the house to make sure nothing was leaking, but sure enough, there were two spots where water was coming through the roof. I hurriedly laid down towels to catch the drips.

Then the power went off.

In the pitch dark, I made my way to where we keep the flashlight. Dead battery. So much for being prepared for our frequent power outages. Next I rummaged through a drawer and finally found matches to light a candle. Okay, the candle was a good idea, but what I didn’t count on were the kamikaze flying sausage ants. These ants come in droves at night when the rains come, leaving behind piles of wings in the morning. This ant flew into my hair, then turned around to make another run at me. After almost catching the Christmas garland on fire to avoid the ant’s maneuvers, I decided to set the candle down and finish laying out my towels. That’s when I spotted something worse than a sausage ant. I’m not sure of the technical name for this five inch long creature, but it looks like a small land lobster and it’s almost impossible to kill because it’s tough and will fight back.

Shuddering, I snatch up the candle and run into the kitchen. If I can put something over it, then maybe I can catch it and deal with it tomorrow. I rummage in the cupboard and feel a drip on my neck. Another leak. Grabbing a bowl, I decide to quickly deal with the lobster creature then deal with the leak. At least if I immobilize it there would be no chance it coming into my room and crawling into my bed. Bowl in hand, I run back into the living room--but the creature has disappeared. Thunder rumbles through the house and the kids scream. By now, they’re all piled in my bed as the storm hovers overhead. I stand there, debating what to do before I’m attacked by yet another sausage ant. What else can I do, but jump into bed with the kids and hold them tight to calm their fears, determined to forget about the leaks and the sausage ants and the lobster creature. . .

This morning my kitchen is flooded, there’s a sprinkling of ant wings across the floor, but there’s no sign of the lobster creature! Nothing like an exciting start to a new day, is there?



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