Friday, January 20, 2006


Yesterday, I shared about our orphan work, which was technically part two. :-) The third thing we focus on here in southern Africa is leadership training. There are literally hundreds of young men, in particular, who feel called by God to start a church, but who have little, if any, Bible training. These people are hungry to know God’s word in depth, so they can in turn plant churches and disciple new Christians and ground them firmly in the Word.

In order to grow a viable, healthy church, we need committed and trained church leaders and evangelists. To do this, we are involved in several specific things.

  1. Continuing to provide training and encouragement to the existing fellowships of churches in Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  1. Providing contextualized training and materials for leadership, church and family development. Our materials are now in five African languages.
  1. Training teachers: In South Africa, AOM has launched a program of training qualified ministers from Bible believing churches to teach an extension seminary course called BTCL (Bible Training Center for Leaders). The vision is to see training centers established in all the provinces of South Africa presently without the BTCL program.

Hope this give you more of an idea what we are doing!

We're off to a conference this weekend where Scott will be teaching on church planting.



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