Thursday, January 19, 2006


It’s always a good day when all three kids come home with smiles on their faces. Today was the beginning of track season, so both Gabriel and Mariah ran during school. Gabriel did well, winning at least one of the races something that doesn’t surprise me at all. For the past two years he competed in the provincial races which would be the US’s equivalent of going to state.

Mariah on the other hand has never enjoyed sports. At last year’s fun day that was filled with parent/child three legged races and other fun events, Mariah sat down on the sidelines and cried, wanting nothing to do with the activities. So, needless to say, I was surprised (and proud) to hear that she came in first place in one of the races today. You just never know. I’ve never pushed her in this area, but now she tells me that she’s looking forward to competing. And I’m looking forward to watching both my kids run.

So far, then, the kids seems to be adjusting fairly well. We’ve had our challenges primarily because the cultural differences are very different. In the end, though, I really believe that the kids will be blessed by their experiences here. They’ve been able to see a world beyond their normal borders. They’ve seen that people can be different, but at the same time have things in common with them. All kids love to play, love balls, and simply to have fun. They’ve seen extreme poverty, learned to give, and learned to love those around them.

One of the things that AOM is doing to help is with our orphan program. The pandemic of AIDS in Africa has produced millions of orphans. In Zimbabwe, AOM is partnering with Scripture Union to assist 120 + orphans with school fees and uniforms, supplemental feeding, obtaining medical care, providing spiritual support through pastoral care, camps and a weekly Bible club. In Zambia, over 60 orphans are currently being assisted. All the orphans are living in their extended families. Because of the great response, starting January 2006, AOM will begin a program where supporters can support individual orphans in our network. We don’t run traditional orphan homes. Instead, all the orphans we work with live with extended families or church member.

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