Tuesday, December 01, 2009

English Club

Group from the English Club

As parents, we spent years teaching our children how to be independent. We start with simple tasks like having them get dressed on their own, clean their rooms, and feed the dog.

The same is true with discipleship. It's important that while we teach new believers and disciple them, we don't want to do everything for them so they can grow to be independent in their faith. Which is why it was so exciting for us to return from the States and to see how they had gone forward with the work and initiated going out and serving people.

Our English Club, started this summer as a result of the English camp led by one of the groups from Texas. The group has been meeting two times a week with Scott and David as they continue to disciple the new believers from this camp. While we were gone, they took the initiative to start going to the hospital to pray for the sick after their Bible studies and after church on Sunday.

They are now known at the hospital as "the people who pray." They sit on the beds beside the patients, pray with them, connect with them, and show God's love to them. This week, they were even able to visit one of the families in their homes.

They have also seen God's miracles take place to the point where the staff asks them to go to certain people who need healing. There is a passion and excitement among the students as they continue to grow in their faith and share it with others. On Friday afternoon before going into the hospital, they shared that for them, to go and pray for the sick and serving people was the REAL meaning of being the church, not going to a building as most people believe.

And God has begun answering their prayers through miracles. A young girl, who had been bedridden for six months and told she would never walk again, was up walking with a walker on their next visit, and on the following visit had been discharged from the hospital.

And their faith continues to grow.




  1. WOW...beautiful!
    Blessings and prayers,

  2. Praise God! It is so awesome to read of the faith these lovely people have! I pray that God will continue to bless them and you and your husband as you labor for Him!!



  3. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement! We're so excited to see what God is doing! Blessings.

  4. David Ruzicka2:10 PM

    Excellent stuff Lisa.

  5. 'Our God is an excellent God full of miracles and wonders!