Friday, December 11, 2009

We arrived in South Africa last night, for what I hope will be our last trip for many months! It's been a hectic time getting Luiz and Fernanda's house ready as nothing is ever move in ready. We also weren't able to find a furnished house which is why we are here now, getting needed supplies for their house.

Despite the mountain of red tape and logistics we've had to deal with the past two weeks, we've been amazed at how God continues to move in the lives of our new Christians as we strive to disciple them to follow God. About a week ago, eight families lost their homes to a fire in our community. Many people live in reed huts, so you can imagine how fast a fire can spread. They lost everything. Several of the christians went to the families to pray with them and see what the church could do to help. David shared with them a story from the Bible, and they were so moved by the visit that they asked us to come back and teach them more. Praise God for opening yet another door. And we're excited for these opportunities in our community that allows us to not only help people physically, but spiritually as well.

This week, many of the kids from the English club and David's home church will be working to rebuild their houses and teaching them more about God. Several of our Christians were moved to tears over the experience and are giving of what they have to help these families. It is so exciting to us to see God use a horrible situation and bring good and growth out of it.

On another note, be sure and stop by soon as I will announce another fun giveaway the beginning of next week!




  1. How wonderful it is to see God's word being taught, even if it is a tragedy that helped to open this door. Praying for these families and the people who are ministering to them.

  2. Thanks for your prayers, Michelle! It always amazes me how God can bring about things for good!