Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Game drive

We've been without internet and electricity off and on for most of the week, and the temperatures continue to soar, but it's still good to be home. Scott's already jumped back into work and ministry while I've been working on unpacking and getting the kids settled in.

While we were still in South Africa, we spent a day at Kruger and while we didn't see a whole lot of animals, the terrain was beautiful, very green and lush. We took a friend of ours, Patricia, who'd never been to Kruger and who wanted to see a lion. Not too long into the drive, we saw a male lion lying close to the side of the road. That was definitely the most exciting part of the day.

I made a quick video, because while we didn't see much, we did see a number of interesting things we'd never seen before. One was the hundreds of frogs at one of the water holes. As you will hear in the video, they were incredibly loud. I also saw a mopani worm at one of the rest stops. You can find these worms for sale to eat in the stores (you can even chose what flavor you want, like potato chips) but I'd never seen a "live" one before.

I'd planned to add some footage of the leopard I saw earlier this year as well, but with all the power dips my internet is way to slow to upload another video clip right now, so you can look forward to seeing that soon.

On another note, a big thanks to everyone who's left name ideas for my suspense novel. I've had so much fun reading through everyone's ideas! There's still a few days left to comment if you come up with something. I'll announce the winner the beginning of next week.

If I don't get a chance to post again before New Years, may God grant each one of you His peace and blessings in the coming year.


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