Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I need your help!

Since it's long past time for me to run my December contest, I came up with a fun idea. And this time, I need your help!

I'm busy writing book two in my Zondervan suspense series and am finally well past the halfway mark.(Yeah!) But I have this character who needs a bit of help. To be specific, he needs a nickname. And unfortunately, I haven't been able to come up with one that clicks.

So here's where you come in. I need your help to come up with the perfect nickname for Timothy (I'm even willing to change his first name if it works better with the nickname.) Timothy is one of my secondary characters who has a pivotal role and who is simply clamoring for a bit of the spotlight. He's 28 and has spent the past six months working in Africa as a logistician for several refugee camps--which means he takes care of the logistics of getting the refugee camps up and keeping them running. He's smart and funny, so no wimpy names for this guy. He's also athletic and loves the outdoors.

What's in it for you? The author of the name I pick will win this fun gift pack that includes my three book cozy mystery series, my romantic suspense Final Deposit, and a few goodies from the heart of Africa. And as a bonus, I'll mention you in my next book, Blood Covenant!

You can leave as many suggestions as you'd like below in the comments. I'll choose a name right after the new year and post the winner!




  1. Anonymous3:16 PM

    How about Tuff? We have a young man in our school who has that as his name! The Dr. dropped him when he was born and his dad said "That boy is tough," and it stuck!
    I'll keep thinking. When did your loveswept suspense come out? Would love to get my hands on that one! The colorado mysteries come in Jan, right? I've been watching!
    Michelle Stockert

  2. Yeah! Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Michelle. I love the backstory. Exactly what I'm looking for. :-)

    Final Deposit was released with Love Inspired a little over a year ago, and yes, Colorado Crimes comes out in January. Merry Christmas!

  3. Maybe Chief?
    How "nickname-y" do you want the name to be? Is it something you'll be reffering to him as, or will characters in the book call him the nickname?

    -Breanna Cole

  4. How about Tiny Tim. It'll take some describing for readers to get his picture though.

    Our family is in the middle of watching the old TV series Combat. There is a soldier in this series they call Little John and he is nothing but little. He stands heads over the others in his squad and is very big and acquired in his moves.

    May be Hawk or Haulk (Hulk)

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  5. A thought just came to me. What is Timothy's last name? Maybe something could be used there too?

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  6. Yes, this is a name that he will be referred to in the story. "My name is Tim, but everyone calls me..." And Abi, last name is negotiable, especially if it fits with the nick name.

    Keep them coming. I'm liking the suggestions! Thanks!

  7. What about Hammer? Could be a subtle reference to Togo...:) (don't know if you guys knew Hammera and Dela?)

  8. Ah, I spent a lot of time with them, especially Dela. What wonderful people! And a great suggestion! Thanks!

  9. How about Timmer. I have a brother name Tim and that is what we always called him, besides Wayne Newton, but that is a whole other story. Maybe if I know where he is from originally-could come up with something better. We just missed you guys in Searcy in October. So sorry we did. Sam and Cathy sure had a lot of wonderful to things to say about you..I have been loving the books, keep writing..Nona (Wise)Lacy

  10. How about Buck, as hes been in Africa people may have said before where are you going Tim? to Timbuckto (I know thats not spelt right my brain is on holiday) but it then may have someone started calling him Buck.

  11. Great suggestions! Keep them coming. For now, his background is still an open book. He was a character who had a line or two, then bang, he begged for more of a role and now has a very pivotal role. (Crazy, isn't it, how these characters tend to take over!

    So sorry I missed you, Nona! It would have been great to see you again. So glad you're enjoying the books!

  12. Because several have asked, his "real" name doesn't have to stay Timothy if it needs to change because of a catchy nickname I can't resist that works with a different name. I'm just looking for a fun, quirky (but manly) nickname that he goes by.

  13. Anonymous5:30 PM

    The nickname that keeps bubbling up in my brain is Chance. "My name is Tim, but people call me Chance, I try to give these people a 2nd chance for a better life". Lisa I haven't yet figured out which one to post with under "comment as". But you have my email address. Glad your the kid are doing well in school. Tell Maria I am STILL waiting to see one of her poems.
    Jeanne Corrigan

  14. I like Rigger Tim, because he gets everything all rigged up.

  15. Or even just Rigger.

    By the way, Cranberry Hearts was on the regular book display in Sam's yesterday, not in a dump display. I took a picture of it with my cell phone. Do you have a smart phone that can receive pictures? If so, email me the number. I'll send it along

  16. How about Bob
    Happy holidays.Will be glad when Colorado Crimes comes out in January.

  17. It's going to be tough to chose just one. :-)

    How cool that you saw Cranberry Hearts, Lena! I'm excited it's still out and selling. I don't have a smart phone, though. Mine's not very smart at all. LOL

  18. When Timothy was just a young lad, being blessed with so much boundless energy, he was frequently seen moving about in pursuit of answers to his insatiable curiosity. Sometimes he moved with such abandon that it reminded people of the "Tasmanian Devil". But that being too long for good folk to say, he is fondly known as "Taz". :-D

  19. No idea why this came to mind but what about "Ditch"!

    Must get my review of BR to you, Lisa :) Working on it!

  20. Okay.

    Suggestions :

    1. Henry V
    Cuz he understands and cares about the poor people

    2. Hammer
    Because he often pounds his head against the wall trying to make headway ... and he's stubborn. I think one of the older refugees would give him this name.

    3. Ace
    Because it's a cool nickname no matter who you are.

    4. Boots
    Again cool

    5. Nero
    Does he have a firey temper? lol

    6. Robin Hood
    Cuz he takes care of the poor

    7. Pope
    Cuz he's such a good guy :p

    8. Strider
    Cuz he watches over them like Strider watched over the Hobbits, and cuz he's athletic and prolly does a lot of striding around
    (depending of course on if LOTR was published after your story takes place)

  21. You all are simply too creative! :-) Now, how am I ever going to chose just one. LOL

  22. How about "GID"...because he's always "got it done"!

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  23. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Tim backwards would be Mit - Easy to remember. Can't wait until your book comes out!

    Merry Christmas to you & your extended family!

  24. I have no idea about writting and there sure are some good ones already out there for you, but I thought I would just give it a try for the sake of not passing up a contest.

    What about Tarzen or Taz, since he is in AFica and you say he is good looking, the guy that played Tarzen on TV sure was a good looking man, uhh la la! Well I tried I remember all the old TV shows that was out before most of your were born


  25. How about "Einstein?" he sounds like a smart guy, so maybe that's what his college buds called him.

  26. How about Sarge since he's like a Sargent in getting to camps running.
    Lisa, this is Karen, the Gold Wing friend of Sandy and Farrel. PS: I love your web site.

  27. Hi Karen! I like that. Thanks for the suggestion!

  28. Somebody mentioned Tiny Tim and how about Scrooge? ...a fond misnomer for an accountant with a golden heart. Maybe because he has to be tough about distributing funds. Or maybe he used to be a Scrooge in his mean and murky past, before he reformed (after a visit from 3 phantoms).


  29. Love your backstory comments, Ann! Thanks for commenting!

  30. Lena - what if you email it from your phone as a text? I have recently found that I can do that (just enter an email address instead of a phone number in the number spot).

    Lisa - What about Teo for Timoteo... a form of Timothy, that's what we called my friend. Or Sarge - but I think someone already said that. Oh I can't think of anything else. My mind is blank! Good luck! And if I think of anything else, I will be back! :)