Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ventures in Mozambique

We arrived last night in Maputo, Mozambique, after a ten-hour drive across the border of South African/Mozambique. We are now staying at a small missionary guest house which is surrounded by a garden in the middle of the hectic city. Our plans are to stay until we've finished going through all the red tape of staying here legally.

Scott and Gustavo went to one of the government offices today to pick up our papers that we've been waiting for, for over a year. These papers will allow us to work in the country through our mission. We were told last Friday that they were finished, but once they arrived, they were told there was still one signature left and that they would be signed later today. We will see. They've told us this several times before. It's simply the way things work here. In the mean time Scott is off looking for a car for us (we sold our cars in SA).

We started back to school today as the kids have had about three weeks off. It will be nice to get back into something of a routine even though it is for a short time. They’ve had mixed emotions about moving, which is normal, but overall, they seem excited. In a lot of ways, they are more flexible than I am.

One of the nice things about staying here is that everyone eats together in the dinning room, and I don't have to prepare the food! This is especially a blessing considering we don't have a car, and I have no idea what is available here even if I could find a grocery store.

If the paperwork goes through today, we should be able to go up to Inhambane for a few days where we can start getting settled in and learning our way around the town. Our furniture won't be shipped until we’ve left the country, applied for our permanent visa, and all the paperwork is finished, but it will still be nice to start working on a place we can call home.

Below are a few photos of us leaving from South Africa and our new, temporary home at the missionary guest house, including a place where the kids can study. Please continue praying that we can get the paperwork finished quickly so we can get settled.

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