Friday, May 30, 2008

On the road again

Today we are leaving South Africa (once again) for Mozambique. With our visas now in hand, we plan to apply for our last paperwork on Monday. This phase of the move requires us to stay in Mozambique until the visas are granted which is supposed to take about two weeks. After that, we can arrange for our furniture to be moved across the boarder.

The next few weeks then will be interesting. The house we are renting is furnished with a couch and three beds--that’s it. Needless to say we will be “camping” out until our final paperwork is done.

In the meantime, between home schooling and keeping up on my writing deadline, we’ll start putting in a simple kitchen (the kitchen has a sink and that’s all) and try to buy wardrobes for the bedroom. There isn’t a single closet in the entire house.

Another adventure? You bet.

And to be honest, I say that with mixed feelings. On one hand, I’m so excited to see the end in sight as far as our settling in, but I also know that the next few weeks will be a challenge. We’ll have an electric burner and a cooler box to get us by for cooking. No school desks, no dinner table. A nearby cafĂ© now has wireless available for its customers, so at least I’ll be able to pop in every few days to download mail.

Another positive is that we are excited about finally meeting the people there. I’ll meet Bia and Gustavo’s contacts and the new Christians there for the first time.

So please continue to keep us in your prayers! I’ll blog as I can, and show the process of fixing up our house and life in Mozambique.



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