Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Back home again

It's strange being home. . .and yet not home. We drove past our old house over the weekend, on our way to visit some friends of ours. I could almost imagine driving up to the house and walking into it like we did seven months ago. It was like being home again. . .and yet it's not home anymore. At least not our permanent home.

We're still temporarily staying with Scott's aunt and uncle through tomorrow. The kids have enjoyed spending time with friends and so have we. It's been great to catch up with as many as we could in a short week filed with other business and appointments.

Tomorrow we head on to Joburg. We will be there for about five days for a team meeting, doctor's appointment and a bit of last minute clothes shopping for the kids (who outgrew everything in Brazil).

Monday we leave for Mozambique with Bia and Gustavo, our co workers. The hitch is that it will still be several weeks before we will be able to move into our house. We will be waiting in the capital to finish up the paperwork to get us moved officially into the country.

The group worked on out house this past week and ended up being such a huge blessing. The house was in worse shape than we first thought and required a lot of work including plumbing and electrical. And this is a new house! We will still have lots to do once we move in.


1. Please pray that our paperwork will be finished quickly so we can settle into our house. Without the paperwork, we can't move into our house with our furniture.

2. Safe travels back to Africa for Bia and Gustavo.

3. Patience for all of us as we go through this transition.

4. Please pray also for our orphans in Zimbabwe. We are getting ready to send more food to them. The situation there is becoming more and more difficult.

I'll try and send some photos soon. Especially of life from Mozambique!



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