Thursday, May 01, 2008

Green grass and blue skies

While we miss Brazil, we are certainly enjoying the green grass and blue skies of South Africa! Just walking across the lawn is great after six months in the hectic city surrounded by cement.

We are spending the next week seeing friends, replacing the clothes my kids outgrew while in Brazil, and doctors' appointments before heading on to Mozambique.

On another note, the internet here is very slow. I'm not even able to post a photo right now or send email from my regular account, so if I'm slow in responding, you'll know why.

We appreciate so much your continued prayers for our family. We will be living in temporary housing the next month or two as we work to sort out our visas. Please pray that we can sort this our quickly so we can move into our house in Mozambique and transfer our things across the boarder. The group from SA is painting and fixing up the house right now. They are really a blessing as the owner wasn't able to finish a lot of things, so this group will be doing that for us.

More soon from the heart of Africa.


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