Monday, May 19, 2008

Day Off. . .sort of

We've already been here a week now, and our days have been filled (or shall I say Scott's days) running from the Minister of Justice's offices, to the Minister of Religion, to the car dealership, to the insurance company. . .Everything takes hours--or to be more accurate--days.

My job, on the other hand, have been very busy giving the kids some sort of routine with home schooling and other activities, find out what goods we can buy here, and to make sure I keep up with my own writing deadlines.

It was nice, then to make Sunday somewhat of a day off. We went to the church of a friend of Scott's, who asked him about forty-five minutes before church started if he could preach. Because of the short notice, and the fact that we are still learning the differences between Brazilian Portuguese and Mozambique Portuguese, he spoke in English for the most part, but still did a great job. This first photo is of Scott praying with some of the men.

Language has been an interesting challenge, mainly because everyone wants to speak English here. No matter how much I speak Portuguese to people, they almost always respond in English. The car dealers are all foreigners and don't speak Portuguese, so our exposure has been limited. Once we move up north this will change, but for now, I'm trying to study when I can to keep up with the language.

As for our paperwork, Scott is to go back again tomorrow and we are hoping that everything will be signed. Please pray that things will go through so we can get settled into our house. Either way, we will go back to SA for the weekend to a meeting and Lord willing, to apply for our permanent visas that we have to get outside the country.

More photos soon. . .


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  1. Hey, girlie! Thanks for the blog update, and keeping us posted on what's happening. We're praying for you and the family that all this stuff will get worked out!