Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Win a copy of TARA'S GOLD!

Here's a photo from a hike we recently took up in the mountains. This area is known for its incredible beauty and as you can see, the view was stunning.

I’ve started a quarterly newsletter that will be just about Christian fiction and updates on my books. There will be drawings for free copies of books for those who are signed up so take a few minutes to sign up and you will automatically be entered in the first drawing. Three winners will receive a copy of Tara’s Gold on July 1st with more drawings to come! You can sign up through this link, or the permanent one on my blog’s front page.

Update from the clinic: With communication at a minimum, details are scarce. Janelle received a text message from Allen this morning. Both Scott and Allen are very tired after all the extra hours of work they have put into make this clinic work, but the good news is that the doctors are making rounds at the hospital today, so this is an answer to prayer. I’m not sure whether or not the official approval has come through enabling them to run the clinic the way they had planned. Please continue to pray for both their strength and energy, and for those they come in contact with this week.



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