Friday, May 04, 2007


Emily, David, and Rosie have become a part of our family the past two years. Both David and Emily became Christians about eighteen months ago and since then have been a part of leading several more to the Lord. David is from Mozambique and has already gone with Scott on one trip. We are excited to see how God will use David as he continues to grow in his faith.

Yesterday we took Rosie, their daughter, to Dr. Middleton, a good friend of ours who is also a part of the upcoming medical work in Mozambique. Rosie will be three in June, but stopped talking a few months ago. The doctor confirmed to us that during the visit that she has some degree of hearing loss, possibly severe. He has refered us to a specialist who we will see on Monday. This will let us know the extent of her hearing loss.

Please pray for this family. They have already had lots of pressure from extended family to participate in various traditional practices to appease the spririts. We know that God is the only one they need to seek. Please pray for their spiritual strength and that God will work mightily in their lives during this time. Pray also that God will give us wisdom in the situation.

Scott is still in Mozambique. I will have more to report on his time when he returns as we can only send text messages for now. Things seem to be going well.



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