Saturday, May 05, 2007

Update from Mozambique

First I want to share a photo of Gabriel, Dillan and Mariah in their sports uniforms. Mariah participated in her first net ball game today and did fantastic. Gabriel played a soccer match and as always loves playing the sport. Dillan, one of his friends, came home with us afterward to spend the night.

As for Mozambique, I’m anxious for Scott to return to hear more about the work there as communication between us is very limited. We are able to send text messages and have received one email from him. Internet access is also very limited and difficult to access.

He’s been involved in two things primarily. Helping to set up things for the upcoming medical clinic and participating in discipleship classes that are being held throughout the week through new contacts in Maxixe and Inhambane. We are excited to see that God is opening doors with people and softening their hearts. The Tonga are known to be a resistant people to the gospel, but God is moving!

Here is a short excerpt from his letter.

“We found out about a Bible club that meets on campus. One of our contacts, Manuel, introduced us to the club leader, Sergio. He is a quiet young man, but really a nice guy who loves the Lord. He says they have been given a “blank check” to do things on campus and have even been given a room to meet in. We will spend time with him on Saturday as he will come over to attend some of the discipleship classes the Fuentes are teaching. He could be an incredible open door to the campus.”

Another visit was made to the minister of Education who is interested in us holding an English camp. Some ideas discussed were using materials like Lets Start Talking, the use of Bible/Christian videos, group mixers and games in English. Relationships and evangelism will happen in the small groups as the doors open.

I'll share more about the discipling when he returns and I have better information. Please continue to pray for Scott, Gustavo, and Bia as they reach into the lives of the people.



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  1. Such beautiful children, Lisa! You must be so proud. I bet it was nice for Gabriel to have his friend spend the night. :-D