Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Brief Update

Just as the railroad tracks in this photo are filled with weeds, we often stubble across many roadblocks as we strive to follow God's calling. The clinic that has been planned for almost a year now is scheduled to begin on Monday with three doctors and a dozen-plus workers and translators. At this point, we are still waiting for approval from the government for the doctors to be able to work in the hospital during this time.

Only God knows what will happen, but there is something we DO know. No matter what the status of the clinic, God can still work this time for His good among the people. If the work in the hospital does fall through, workers will spend their time prayer walking in the streets, encouraging the two churches, discipling new Christians and other seekers, and making contacts in the communities.

Specific requests:

1. The team from Houston leaves Thursday. Please pray for their safe journey to Inhambane.
2. Scott and Allen, as they continue to do the leg work to the different offices in Maputo for all the last minute requested documents.
3. Bia and Gustavo as they continue to work with the new Christians and make new contacts in Maxixe and Inhambane.
4. That the eyes of the Tonga people will be opened and that they will turn from darkness to light.



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