Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I've shared on several posts of the difficulties the people in Zimbabwe are facing. One of the factors that makes things difficult is the currency issue. I couldn't believe it the first time I saw one a Zimbabwe dollar with an expiration date!

"Pay the bearer on demand FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS on or before 31st July 2007."

After that, the money isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

Inflation since January of this year was about 2,200%, said to be the highest in the world. The exchange rate continue to fluctuate dramatically, but is currently around 15,000 Zim dollars to one US dollar (bank exchange) On the streets the exchange is a bit higher.

Scott has some Zimbabwean friends he often stays with while working with the churches in Bulawayo. They told him, for example, that they used to go out to eat with friends once a week. Then, because of the financial crisis they started going out only twice a month. Then it was down to once a month. Today, they can't afford to go out to eat at all.

Teachers are quitting because the cost of transport to get to the school is more than their salary. School fees are becoming out of reach for many. Doctors and other professionals are leaving the country leaving behind inadequate medical care. Every person has been affected.

Please pray for the people of Zimbabwe and especially the churches we are working with there. May they be a light for Christ during this difficult time!



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