Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I know it's hard to believe for you who are ushering in summer, but for those of us in South Africa, winter has arrived. All week, I've been pulling out the electric blankets, space heaters (brrr, there is no central heating here!), the kids winter uniforms for school, and moldy sweaters (after a very wet rainy season) that still have to be washed.

Scott's dad helped to repair our very leaky roof now that the rains seems to be over, but there is still lots of other winterizing things that has to be done. (like get rid of all the mold!)

The good thing is that the skies are a beautiful blue and I'm enjoying the warmth of the sun until it drops below the horizon in the late afternoon and is replaced by the chilling winds.

So enjoy your sunny weather as I shiver writing at my desk with a heater at my feet. LOL




  1. You don't remember May up here, do you? I'm also sitting in a soggy house-- not shivering, but it's not quite summer yet :-) Enjoy your cooler weather.

  2. WINTER??? EEGADS! Here we are in Texas battling 90+ degree weather. Hmmm...maybe I should relocate for the summer. LOL

  3. Here's a slice of Texas sun for ya! :)