Sunday, May 07, 2006


We took Scott's parents to the mountains for a few days for a much-needed rest, though I always find that a holiday usually leaves me more tired than our regular schedule. :-) The setting was stunning, and we enjoyed just being together as a family. I've had trouble posting pictures this weekend, so will try and get some up later this week as the fall colors were so beautiful. We even saw a bit of snow.

Scott preached today at a small congregation about forty minutes from our house. It was a very powerful lesson from the book of Esther that spoke to both of us. Lately, we’ve both been tired, both physically and emotionally, yet we were reminded of how God has called us to be here. He has a purpose for each one of our lives and we are called to be faithful to Him. It’s easy to get distracted by physical things, but knowing that we are in a spiritual battle reminds us to stay focused on Jesus and his calling for our lives.

We're heading into a busy week. Please pray for a church planting conference Scott and Allen have put together. A number of leaders from the churches we work with in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi will be arriving this week to attend as well as others from the area. Pray that this will be a time of both intense learning and encouragement for these leaders.

Scott’s parents are still enjoying their stay here. His mom will spend some time with her sister while the men are gone, and his dad is continuing on some repairs on our house. He loves fixing things and I told him he could have a full time job getting our house into shape.

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  1. I am so glad you got a much-needed break/rest. I hope you are feeling refreshed--or starting to feel that way. LOL

    My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family!